Grace & Joy Photography | What to Wear

Outfit Tips for Family and Child Portraits

  • Wear clothes that feel comfortable and capture the essence of your personality.
  • For family portraits, steer clear of matching exactly. Instead, pick several colors that coordinate well and make sure each outfit you chose has at least one of those colors.
  • I am a huge fan of colorful outfits for children and medium-toned or dark solids for adults. Choose Color, rather than solid white tops, which can often be distracting because they stand out so much and draw attention away from your beautiful faces.
  • Keep shoes and socks dark. White or light colored shoes draw attention down to your feet.
  • Avoid words or logos on your clothing. An exception is if the logos or words hold a special message or meaning.
  • One way to tell if your outfits all look good together is lay them all out next to each other on your bed or floor. Squint at them and see if any one outfit or piece of clothing really jumps out at you. If it does, that will be the case in the pictures too.
  • Outfit Tips for Headshots

  • Wear long or 3/4 length sleeves. Bare arms in headshots can take attention away from the face.
  • Clothing should be appropriate to your child's age. It is far better for a child to look their actual age, or younger, rather than older.
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